Christy's Maiden Name

Origin: The clan is traceable to Shaw McDuff in about 1160. McDuff, who took the name McIntosh, was awarded lands in Inverness for his support of Malcom IV in opposing a rebellion.


Gaelic Name: Mac an Toisich - Translated it means "Son of the Thane" (chief).
Motto: Touch not the cat bot a glove (Touch not the cat without a glove).
The motto is a warning to those who would be so imprudent as to engage in battle when the claw of
the wildcat is ungloved.

Rallying Cry: Loch Moigh (Loch Moigh was near Inverness & was their home turf).


Coat of Arms

There are two depictions above, both representing the McIntosh coat of arms.

A description of the shield, from upper left clockwise follows:

1. Red Lion - the lion represents dauntless courage, its red color represents a warrior, brave, strong, generous, & just (the martyr's color).

2. Red Hand and Heart - the hand signifies sincerity, faith, and judgement; the heart - clarity and sincerity. The red color is defined as above.

3. Blue Galley - the galley - a traveler to far places (?)-a naval commander (?). The blue color depicts truth and loyalty.

4. Gold Boar's Head - the boar's head signifies hospitality, a boar stands for bravery; one who fights to the death. The gold color depicts generosity and elevation of mind.


Crest Badge

The armorial badge, which all members of the clan are entitled to wear embodies the crest of the chief's coat of arms with a wildcat encircled by a strap and buckle bearing the Clan's motto, 'Touch not the cat bot a glove.